Wednesday, July 09, 2008

On Comments and Commenters

There was a special mention (thanks! *smile*) of me yesterday on DCist blog's Schools Roundup: Money Where Your Mouth Is Edition:
We’re all for the best teachers making six figures, yet this plan raises questions too, such as how student achievement should be measured (progress over a year? a single high-stakes test?) and how to ensure the fairness of teacher evaluations. For example, Ms. Angela, blogging over at Special Education Teacher in Washington, DC, wonders how her SPED students will be treated under the plan.
One of the commenters further shares:
Some posters have mentioned that there are still many questions left unanswered about the new bonus package. Also Miss Angala on her blog, one of those super Filipina special ed teachers that both DCPS and PGPS have recruited, asks about how her students' progress would be measured and how that would be tied into a bonus for SPED teachers (writes'chelita').
The WaPo today has an interesting "Letter to the Editor" from a former teacher on Earning $100,000 -- Without Losing Tenure:
Thousands of public school teachers in the New York suburbs have been receiving that much and more for years. In fact, in 2005, one in 12 teachers in five suburban counties there had a six-figure salary, and the numbers are growing fast, according to an analysis by the New York Times.
Now to resume recording the results of the first quiz that I gave my summer scholars yesterday in my online gradebook (colleagues, try it, it's so cool!).

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