Saturday, December 06, 2008

How to teach to "generation net"

Teaching students who are part of "generation net" should involve more interactive lessons, which are more effective for these students living in the digital age, according to this analysis. Teachers should focus on collaboration and group work and less on lectures, while also catering more to individual student needs. Sci-Tech Today
This is not my classroom in this picture, my classroom is smaller and more colorful with my students' works displayed around my classroom.
Yesterday, someone came to my room to let me know that the installation of the Promethean Board in my classroom will be on Monday. Perfect timing, since students will not be in school because it is Parent Teacher Conference Day. I am excited! I have been telling my students about this since two months ago, I told them that they are going to be rewarded for their hardwork. I told them that we are not going to the Classroom of the Future anymore...because our classroom will be a classroom of the future! This will make teaching and learning more interactive and fun in my class with our jeopardy games (they work in teams), scavenger hunts, Math quiz shows, etc.
I am enjoying my teaching this year, this is so far the best year since I started teaching six years ago. It is because I feel good that my students are supported by everyone in our school community, and valued, and they feel it, and they respond positively.

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