Friday, February 27, 2009

DCPS Math Coach's blog

Our Math Professional Developer (MPD) at Jefferson Middle School High Tech Campus is now blogging at

This blog is to communicate information about our Math Curriculum to archive DCPS initiatives, Jefferson Math Department initiatives, course materials, to publish the courses curricula, syllabi, lessons, homework assignments, scoring guides, and power point presentations. This blog contains varied Mathematical information for students, teachers, and parents to increase proficiency in Math. This is another way for me to collaborate with other Math Professional Developers, Math Admininistrators, and Math Teachers.

I would like to welcome all your contructive feedbacks and suggestions for this blog. All of you are also welcome to use our forum. I will provide a forum for educators, for parents, and for students to give everyone a chance to ask questions, to give opinions, or to share his/her Mathematical conceptual knowledge and skills.

Way to go, Ms. Domingo!

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angel said...

Ms. Domingo,

What a creative effort to support the Math Iniatives for students, parents, teachers and administrators. Way to go!

Ms. Hartley LPD/Jefferson MS

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