Monday, February 02, 2009

WTU Teachers Contract Update

I have blogged about my excitement of the WTU-AFT Teacher Contract Proposal. It was finally submitted to DCPS this weekend, can't wait to hear what DCPS have to say about this. I was able to briefly look through the contract proposal but I focused more and paid special attention to: Career Ladder for teachers, supporting Special Education Reform (of course they are addressing special education too) , and the teachers salary. This contract proposal is BIG in support for exemplary, highly skilled and effective teachers. So if you think that your teaching skills still need some fine tuning, do it now! Or, you may want to revisit my entry on 5 Ways to Keep Your Teaching Career Moving Forward :)
The WTU gave today the key points and highlights of the contract:
- Providing the teachers with the support and training they need to do their best work, such as high quality job-embedded professional development and induction programs for new teachers.

- Ensuring DC's students are taught by the most effective teachers by providing WTU/ DCPS Teacher Centers and strengthening teacher evaluations, accountability and support.

- Recruiting and retaining great teachers for DC's schools by increasing base salaries, creating school wide financial incentives and career ladder programs.

- Improving school conditions, by ensuring optimum resources in every classroom; supporting the district's efforts to overhaul special education; and research-based practices and services aimed by boosting student achievement in the lowest-performing schools; and
- Implementing a strong discipline and safety program that includes consistent monitoring, enforcement and proactive intervention.

Let me ask you, do we need to divide the teachers into red and green tiers in order for DCPS to have all these?


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