Sunday, May 02, 2010

Going Green!

Colleagues, let us explore some ways on how to make our classrooms environmentally friendly. With the economic downturn and budget squeeze affecting our jobs, I see that this is just one of the answers to this problem.
I am attending the Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference this week co-sponsored by the AFT. Good timing, shortage of copy papers has been a perennial problem in my school. The solution, cut back on photocopying worksheets and quizzes. Let us watch our paper consumption. It has never been a concern to me, the two reams that was given at the beginning of the school year was enough for me. Why? Because I have a "green classroom" (***correction, attempting to have one!).
As teachers, it is important not only to teach our students about the environment but also to conserve our natural resources. It is imperative that we set as a role model to our students of how to respect our environment. In this digital age, we can make use of the technology that is now bombarding our digital natives (the students that we teach), it is time for us to become digital immigrants. How?
Here's how Broward County is having a paperless classroom (been trying it in my room, it works for my students! Works wonders for me!)...

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