Friday, May 07, 2010

Happy Birthday, baby!

Knowing that I did everything to bring this perfect little girl into this world was good for me...and having her around (plus another little one) was never boring :)

My daughter, Rae, is now 12 years old, time flies fast! A high achiever, Rae has been a consistent honor student eversince she started school. Recently she came home with a certificate that says she received the High Honors Award from her Middle School for maintaining a GPA of 3.6. With the skills and the spirit of a warrior, she is anticipating to get her Red Belt in Karate very soon. She was excited when she was accepted to the Black Belt Club because she wanted to be trained to use different kinds of weapons in self defense and to compete regionally. Martial Arts has instilled in her intense discipline, responsibility and self confidence. She started playing the violin in first grade and now her proficiency with playing some Classical pieces is very impressive.

She is a creative writer. Here's a sample of her work with a "thumbs up" from her teacher... P.S. she told me to emphasize to everyone that this is just a product of her imagination and that she loves her baby brother so much.
Memories...sad memories...bad memories
Author: Maren Rae Angala

May 17, 1865
It was very cold, my brother was sick today. Not like it was surprising or anything because my brother was always sick eversince he was born. Today, we stopped in the middle of nowhere, we were setting up the fire while Ma was making food. I made sure I watched my brother because he seemed to eat anything he saw that moves.

May 19, 1865
It was very tiring because we worked hard to try to survive by making food, hunting, looking for berries, carrying heavy wood. Then while Ma was cooking and I was busy, Ma screamed which startled us. We all ran towards the kitchen and saw my brother chewing something gooey. We pryed up his mouth and saw half a caterpillar's body. Pa identified that it was one of the most poisonous caterpillars ever.

May 25, 1865
He was very sick for a few days and today it was really worse. We layed him down on the flat bed, he was turning blue, his mouth was foaming. Pa said eating the deadly caterpillar would be fatal, no cure would help him. My brother opened up his mouth mumbling (I could read his lips), "please don't leave me alone..." His greatest fear was being alone, nobody beside him made him lonely.

May 27, 1865
I could still remember what he said a couple of days ago. Tears rolled down my cheek as I looked at the carved rock written in his name. My parents couldn't bury him in the cemetary, Pa said a lot of people would be suspicious. As we left in the carriage I felt miserable knowing that I will never see him or play with him again. But I felt relieved knowing that he will never suffer again.

June 1, 1865
My brother is now all himself...nobody to play with. His greatest fear came true and it will always be that way now, alone forever, never to see anybody, never to talk to anybody ever again. But someday he'll see a light, hear a voice. Then he'll know that the time has come for him to never be afraid ever again... -END-
Rae is destined to be an incredible woman. Happy birthday, baby!

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