Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Teacher's Blog-Reading Habits

I did my usual weekend morning routine today...gave my 3-month-old baby his bottle, had a glass of orange juice and a banana, checked my emails and blogs while doing the laundry. Sent by one of my colleagues from the NWP Tech Liaisons Network is my friend Kevin's article: Bringing the World to My Doorstep: A Teacher's Blog-Reading Habits.

While reading the article, can't help the flashbacks in my mind of our CyberPals Project with our geographically distant students, our TM-06 SI in Chico CA where he told me that he just started his own blog, and this letter from him which helped me get a big score for my Entry 4 NBC Portfolio.
I've been out of circulation since my pregnancy last year, I was on Maternity Leave with the DCAWP, and Kevin's article is just what I need to catch up. I read many more accomplishments of my NWP colleagues in their local sites from Kevin's article. I personally know many of them, and yes we've been together in some of our summer institutes. I miss them, and I look forward to joining them once again.
My baby boy is 3 months old now and I'm sure he will give me permission to do what I need for my students to succeed. I'll see you soon, Kevin.

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Kevin said...

Hi Maria
I still have you in my RSS feeder! And it is always a pleasure to follow where you are going.
Thanks for the kind comments on the article. The Cyberpals Project was a great inroad into other activities that I have taken my students into and it remains dear to my heart.
And yes, Maria, you gave me that gentle push to begin blogging as a writer and a teacher over there in Chico.
Thank you

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